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Long-term commitment to research and development and implementation of new and innovative technologies has allowed The Stover Group, and particularly the Engineering Division, to remain at the forefront of the water and wastewater process engineering industry.

Dr. Enos L. Stover, the head of the Engineering Division and President of The Stover Group, developed and holds the patent for a biochemically enhanced hybrid anaerobic reactor. He participated with members of The Stover Group in development of the FIL-IDENTPro® filamentous bacteria identification software application, for which patents are pending.


Dr. Stover and The Stover Group are recognized world-wide as authorities and leaders in the development and implementation of aerobic thermophilic wastewater and sludge treatment technology. Over the last seven years, Dr. Stover has developed the patented wastewater treatment and Biochemically Enhanced Thermophilic Treatment (BETT™) process for wastewater treatment. The BETTProcess is proving to be a significant improvement over the prior auto heating aerobic thermophilic treatment technologies, and has proven applications not only for stabilization and mass reduction of waste sludge from biological wastewater treatment, but also treatment of high-strength industrial wastewater.

The combination of The Stover Group‘s capabilities and vast experience with biological mesophilic, aerobic, anaerobic and other wastewater treatment processes, together with its exclusive BETT process capabilities and experience, allows the organization to provide its clients with a unique and exclusive range of services and capabilities.

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